About us

Value Mediation Partners is the expert in solving intractable problems and conflicts with the aid of the Value Mediation Method.

We have developed this method while helping companies and organizations in the agricultural sector to develop new initiatives and businesses. When different stakeholders are opposing each other, the Value Mediation Method proved an effective instrument to create new perspectives and opportunities, often leading to positive outcomes for all.

With Value Mediation partners we now offer this special method to organizations and companies in other sectors.

Value Mediation Partners was founded in 2011 by Dr. Henk C. van Latesteijn.
Other partners include Lia Spaans and Sander Mager.

Henk      Lia      Sander

From left to right: Henk van Latesteijn, Lia Spaans en Sander Mager. Click on a picture to find out more!